Dad to Be – The Road To Parenthood

They tell you how to do it in school, and around our age, it’s starting to "just happen" to all of our spontaneous combustion or something. There was a little part of me, though, that didn’t think it was going to work at all. It did. On the first try (I...

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Why We Stopped Traveling Full-Time

Five years ago, I bought a ticket to Mexico City. It wasn't my first time outside the United States, but it was the first time I stepped out on my own. I was 19, and I thought it would be scary. I thought I would learn how to speak Spanish. I thought for sure I would...

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How to Live Your Best: The Making of a Movie

We'll never remember those days in which we sat and watched movies, but we'll always remember the ones where we create our own. Deborah and I got drunk last night. Ok, not that drunk, but we had fun. We're in Thailand, and not because we particularly wanted to be. The...

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5 Ways to Attract the Love of Your Life

We attract people only at a common level of emotional health. If you want to find and attract an emotionally healthy, loving life-partner, you need to first become the person of your own dreams. This doesn't mean you need to have attained some level of perfection that...

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Where Is Home?

Where are you from? “Where are you from?” Said a man in a brown cap from across the table. With his eyebrows up, his look was curious. I turned my head to Deborah, my wife, then I turned back to him. Until recently, the answer to that question was pretty...

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How Did Marriage Come Up?

Our Moment On a sunny afternoon - if I remember correctly, it was a Tuesday - in early November, Deborah and I hiked through the ferociously green trails above Ashland. We were lost in conversation, as we normally were, when she sped ahead of me, looked back and said,...

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