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Values or InterestsWhat should I look for in a relationship?

When a man sees a beautiful woman across the bar, he may walk over to her. He may use a quick pickup line like, “I just wanted to come over here and say hi.” She may think it’s cute. A nice conversation may begin when he asks her what her favorite movies are. She may come back with a question like, “what do you like to do for fun?” The two of them may have a really strong connection. They might just schedule a date, because they seem to have a lot in common. Let’s call the fictional characters...

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5 Ways to Attract the Love of Your Life

We attract people only at a common level of emotional health. If you want to find and attract an emotionally healthy, loving life-partner, you need to first become the person of your own dreams. This doesn’t mean you need to have attained some level of perfection that is only known by a handful of people, but it does mean that you need to project exactly what you want to attract. 1) Believe the Right Person is Out There  First off, call me a crazy non-romantic, but I don’t believe there’s only one single person who is your one single person. That said,...

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Where Is Home?

Where are you from? “Where are you from?” Said a man in a brown cap from across the table. With his eyebrows up, his look was curious. I turned my head to Deborah, my wife, then I turned back to him. Until recently, the answer to that question was pretty straightforward, but I had to respond, “I’m not sure.” This might just be the most common question you’ll get as a globetrotter. As an American traveler, many guess it correctly, while others say “Canadian” for fear of offending the minority who just happen to come from a little further north, and still others (non-English...

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Solo Travel vs Couple Travel – I'm a Changed Man

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you already know the big news: Deborah and I are married! In the one year that Deborah and I have been together, we’ve spent 6 months of it planning the wedding. I’ve been busy, but now that we’re on our honeymoon, I wanted to take the opportunity to get back into writing. What better way than to talk about how different the last year has been compared to the three before it! I’ve read quite a few articles about the pros and cons of solo and couple travel, but they don’t...

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How Did Marriage Come Up?

Our Moment On a sunny afternoon – if I remember correctly, it was a Tuesday – in early November, Deborah and I hiked through the ferociously green trails above Ashland. We were lost in conversation, as we normally were, when she sped ahead of me, looked back and said, “I could see myself married to you.” That image stands out in my memory, where the sky, the trees, and the rest of the conversation remains a blur. The Story of Us Deborah and I had met in a small Mexican beach town near Cancún, not much more than four months...

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