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Dad to Be – The Road To Parenthood

They tell you how to do it in school, and around our age, it’s starting to “just happen” to all of our spontaneous combustion or something. There was a little part of me, though, that didn’t think it was going to work at all. It did. On the first try (I hope you know what I’m talking about by this point). Not to discourage anyone, or pretend like “it ain’t no thing.” We understand that not everyone can have children and our seemingly effortless conception is nothing short of a gift from God. That said, we’re at 22...

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The Day We Moved to Berlin How We Secured A Flat and Avoided Homelessness

There was no one in the hostel room, so the only thing that could be heard was our laughter. The giant smile across my face hid behind the new laptop that Deborah let me buy. The bed was rock hard and causing me back pain, but it didn’t matter because I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine. On the screen in front of us was a list of all of our potential new homes. Our flight to Berlin was the next day, and we still didn’t have a place to live. The empty feeling in the pit of...

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Why We Stopped Traveling Full-Time

Five years ago, I bought a ticket to Mexico City. It wasn’t my first time outside the United States, but it was the first time I stepped out on my own. I was 19, and I thought it would be scary. I thought I would learn how to speak Spanish. I thought for sure I would come into some kind of contact with the drug cartels. None of that happened. Instead, I was introduced to a world I didn’t know existed. And, on and off for the next 4 years, I lived life in that world. Whether I was...

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How to Live Your Best: The Making of a Movie

We’ll never remember those days in which we sat and watched movies, but we’ll always remember the ones where we create our own. - Deborah Ostmo, while brushing her teeth last night Deborah and I got drunk last night. Ok, not that drunk, but we had fun. We’re in Thailand, and not because we particularly wanted to be. The cheapest ticket back to Germany (where we’ve decided to move) flies out of Bangkok, so we got our butts to Bangkok. But, when we got there, we decided we hated it. Deborah walked in front of me out of the airport. She squinted her...

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The Art of Being Fearless – Own It The Personal Journey to Purpose

You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us… - Maya Angelo From the beginning of our lives, we have parents telling us what to do and how to work, or telling us to study hard. We have teachers who judge us based how well we do in one class. Later on, we have managers who direct us. We have girlfriends (or boyfriends) who sway our decisions this way or that. All throughout our lives, we have news agencies telling us who to...

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