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How Time Flies – Our Baby is almost here

I looked up from my computer as my mom said, “time moves too fast. I would give anything to have you as a toddler again. Remember how you always said you’d live right next door to me?” I was heading off to University, and as far as I could tell, it had taken an entire eternity to just begin my life. From my mom’s perspective, though, it was a different story. The little boy she raised was now a man, and the memories she cherished were just memories. Yesterday, we hit the 37 week mark [we have hit the 38 week...

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The Man's Guide to Sympathetic Pregnancy

I once read an article that suggested this male pregnancy claim is just men trying to take the one thing women really have and turning it into another male dominated phenomenon. If that’s true, call me He-Man, because I’m pregnant. The symptoms are real, it’s science. There’s even a name for it: Couvade Syndrome. As far as I know, “couvade” is French and translates roughly to “let’s make this all about me.” Here are the symptoms I have been experiencing (emphasis on I): Nausea I’ve been really nauseous…at some point on most days. Moving to a new country where...

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How SURPRISES can grow a loving relationship – our 6 reasons

Variety is the spice of life. - William Cowper Remember this article? That post described mine and Deborah’s last day in Thailand, which was mean to be a quiet night in our hotel. It ended up being an extravagant Thai food eating competition, puppy petting marathon, and new friend making bonanza. Deborah and I are the surprise type of couple. We come from two different surprise-based families perfectly intertwined for maximum explosion. Deborah once flew across the world to surprise her mom for Christmas. I once took Deborah to Brussels, Rome and Naples for Valentine’s day. Deborah’s mom recently...

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Gateway to Adventure – story of our week away

“This is why I love Europe,” rushed to my head at my sudden realization. Those words may have even left my lips as I grinned in the bathroom, alone with my laptop, out of earshot of my wife, Deborah. The glow of the screen filled the dark room with visions of relaxation, adventure, romanticism and our beloved sun, something we hadn’t seen in weeks. Ten euro would get us a a flight to Milan for an authentic Italian spaghetti dinner or to Paris for escargot (snails). Forty euro would get us the deep blue skies of Greece. Twenty euro...

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