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How Long Does Love Take?

Are You In Love Or Are You “In Infatuation”?

Do you believe in Love at first sight? I don’t. Sorry to kill the romance. What do you consider it love? What is infatuation? What, exactly, are you willing to do to find the man or woman of your dreams? Because, the answer to those three questions will determine how quickly you ever could fall in love. The first two questions could be books on their own, let alone blog articles, so I’m going to focus on the third. Deborah and I fell in love about as quickly as any two people can, and I don’t mean to slight...

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Does Having Kids Have To Mark the End of Traveling?

Someone messaged us on Instagram, asking a pretty important question: My Response: Skip to the video. “Hey ———, nice to meet you and thanks! This is Christian, btw. Deborah might answer a bit differently. My opinion is that you should go for exactly what you want, and figured out how to get there along the way. That’s how I traveled in the first place, that’s how I met my wife, that’s how we ended up with a big beautiful wedding in Sweden, and all the same, that’s how Melaya was brought into the world. A lot of people will...

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Keeping Things Fresh and Exciting in a Longterm Relationship

Most of us expect to improve throughout our lives. We work to achieve our peak athletic performance, we read books to improve fluency and brain power, we nearly kill ourselves, always chasing more money in our careers, but after a certain point, we’re pretty content just coasting in our relationships. Skip to the video. In the beginning, you try new things to woo a potential partner. Deborah and I spent dozens of hours combing the beaches of Mexico, forming relationships with local people, taking each other on nights out and secret dates. But years later, how much could we...

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Why My Wife’s Self-Worth Made Me Want Her

Self-worth, simply put, is knowing fundamentally what you want, and not bending to others’ opinions, schedules, or emotional pleas. It’s the most attractive attribute you could ever find in a partner, and the primary reason I knew Deborah was THE ONE. I fell for Deborah right on the very first beach we ever walked together. There was something about the Mexican air, the blue hue of the water, the depth of our conversations. I was hooked. But it seemed Deborah wasn’t. While I was busy thinking about her all day, she was off living a full life. One day,...

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Successful Long Term Relationships Have These Two Essential Ingredients

One of my Instagram followers, we’ll call her Neila because I think that’s a badass name, sent me this message the other day: “I’m wondering if you can give me advice..I’m feeling my boyfriend and I moving further and further apart…I don’t know him as well as I used to…” Skip to the video She went on to describe more of her situation, but I’ll leave it at that in terms of her exact words. What Neila described to me was a relationship that started beautiful, but settled into routine, like so many others do. There was nothing wrong with...

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