About See The Journey

The story of Christian and Deborah begins with travel, is forged by faith, and will forever be changed by love. Those three things molded them into who they are individually. Likewise, those three things brought them together.

They each moved from their homes to the opposite sides of the earth to be with one another: Christian from the left coast and Deborah from London. They met under the Mexican summer sun, each on solo trips, before continuing on a joint American tour through Autumn and Winter. Deborah and Christian fell in love as the leaves turned brown. The two toured five American cities, visited London, met each other’s families, and were engaged within six months.
From the outside, it looks like they’ve changed everything about themselves in a short space of time. However, from the inside, it had taken a lifetime. Everything they had experienced up until they met was preparing them for just that moment, and everything fell into play exactly as it was supposed to.

Meet Deborah

Deborah is an adventurous silly girl who loves to travel, dogs, and different cultures. She is Swedish-Iranian and was born in Stockholm. She grew up in Berlin but moved to London at the age of 15 to continue her studies. While in school and at university, she traveled extensively through Europe and Iran with friends and family, which gave her the confidence to travel alone. Deborah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Business, before leaving to travel the world in 2014. Eight months into Deborah’s solo trip, she met Christian. Until then, she was intending to travel solo for three years, but Christian had other ideas.

Meet Christian

Christian is a responsible twenty-something guy with an adventurous soul. Originally from San Francisco, he grew up in Oregon on the West Coast Best Coast of the United States. His travels date back to the first time he worked outside the country at the age of 14, when he volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico for three months. His eyes were opened to a new world he didn’t really know existed, and his love for new experiences has only blossomed since then. His solo travels led him back to South America, Central America, and Mexico multiple times before meeting Deborah, thus ending his solo travel career.

When Politics Meets Fashion

Deborah and Christian developed at the same time and in the same way, but in different parts of the world. Each ended their first long term relationship the same month: October 2013. Past relationships gave them what they needed to figure out for themselves exactly what they wanted in a partner. In the subsequent period, both C & D came to realize the importance of hiccups as part of the life’s journey. Those difficulties are completely necessary for personal growth, which is vital to finding a life partner, because you must know yourself and exactly what you want before you can commit to someone else. Past relationships have helped the two of them get to get to know & develop themselves, cultivate their life’s goals and ambitions, and learn the art of being happy.
After October 2013, Political Science student Christian and Fashion & Business student Deborah finished their respective academic careers, and found themselves through long term travel, taking months and even years for self reflection and self-development.
C & D first met in July, 2015, and from day one, the two could be found together deep in conversation for hours on end, asking themselves and each other meaningful questions about what life means, how love has developed within them, and their individual values. The basic building blocks of which are as follows.

Shared Vision & Values

  • We believe happiness is a mentality; You don’t have to own a piece of land to be happy.
  • We believe you must develop yourself until you know exactly who you are and what you want before the right person will come around.
  • We believe a successful relationship only happens through open communication from the beginning.
  • We believe taking initiative and following up on them are just as important as making connections.

What is See The Journey?

STJ  is a personal love story.

Each of us has looked love in the face and jumped for it, made the necessary sacrifices, crossed oceans, and made our relationship work in a short amount of time.
See the Journey is our personal diary, where we share the continual story of us.

STJ is a communal love story.

Offline, we live a location-independent lifestyle, traveling the world, cultivating and creating new relationships. We call it international love. It’s our aim that we go into each new community and strengthen global relationships in our lives.

STJ will continue to evolve.

We are both entrepreneurs who chose not to subscribe to the conventional 9-5 type of life. We are global students, treating every new experience as a lesson. To the best of our abilities, we strive to be unconventional, while reaching for perfection at the same time. The goal is to allow who we are and what we create to become something better.